ANDI-Complete SafeAir User 22%-50%

Builds upon and expands the material introduced in the Limited SafeAir User course. Covers the information necessary to make use of all 8 of the ANDI-identified applications of SafeAir within sport diving limits. Those completing this course are certified to use all SafeAir mixtures, including SafeAir 50.
Note: Part one (classroom) and part two (open water) are to be completed satisfactorily prior to Limited SafeAir User and Complete SafeAir User certification. A part one certification may be issued upon satisfactory completion of all classroom requirements. This certification may be used to complete the two logged SafeAir dives required for full certification.


Open-water certification or equivalent


Text book, SafeAir Tables

Optional equipment needs:

Redundant Breathing System, SafeAir Computer, Analyzer


$175.00 (Plus Tax


Eight Hour Class Session

Open Water:

Two open water dives with Instructor supervision

Customer Benefits:

Ability to configure proper mix for the dive that will be made. Use of SafeAir 50% to accelerate the nitrogen release from the diver at a depth of 70 ft to surface. Breathing cleaner and safer gas. Less fatigue after multiple dives. Increased safety