Kevin Taylor

9/28/64 – 3/5/10

~ Death ~

Death is the winter creeping up an old tree’s trunk.

It will be the tree’s last moments that will mean the most. To release all his leaves, bare all his limbs, and loosen all his roots. Once winter starts to blow, he now can sleep, for he will not wake again. Then as he falls back to his Mother, he is at peace with himself. That peace is all that matters.

Where to start... Kevin Taylor had many qualities. He was kind, never one to bite at you or take advantage. He was loyal, always just a phone call away any time day or night. He was brave, saving lives while fighting red hot fires. He was patient, never getting frustrated with SCUBA students who needed extra attention. He was hard working, forever doing his best in every aspect of his life. He was honored, everyone cherished his friendship.

Now he is missed, leaving a hole in everyone he knew. He is at peace, living in pure bliss with God. He is watchful, looking down on us at we finish our lives. He is laughing, giggling along with all our jokes. He is hoping, that he will meet us again. He knows, that he will be greatly missed.

RIP Kevin, we will miss you so very much.