Specialty Instructor

Specialty Instructor

A Specialty Instructor Course is.....

Is there a favorite type of dive you have? You want to share that experience with a new diver? Specialty Instructors have this opportunity!


Level Dependent

Required Materials

Manuals, Standards and Procedures that coinside with desired level


Open Water Insturctor Certification, Certification and Experience in Desired Level

Required Equipment

Total Diving System, ANY and ALL equipment necessary to execute dives at desired level.

Available Levels

Altitude Instructor
Boat Instructor
Discover Scuba Instructor
Deep Instructor
Dry Suit Instructor
Equipment Specialist Instructor
Future Buddies Instructor
Navigation Instructor
Night Instructor
Nitrox Instructor
Rescue Instructor
Snorkeling Instructor
Solo Diver Instructor
Underwater Photogrophy Instructor