Advanced Open-Water

Advanced Open-Water

Advanced Open-Water Certification Program

Courses are offered through NASE, NAUI, SDI, PADI, and/or IANTD

Graduates of this course experience increased confidence and awareness while diving. Skills gained increase comfort and opens the diver up to an entirely new world of diving opportunities.

Course Cost


Save $75 if Advanced Equipment System is purchased from Dive Tech and Sports

Required Equipment

All items must be owned in order to receive training and certification

Primary Light - Torch Style, greater than 200 Lumens; Backup Light - Torch Style; Personal Marker; Strobe; Wrist Slate; Wrist Compass; Surface Marker; Spool - 150'minimum length

Confined Water

Pool sessions are required before open water dives. The amount of pool is dictated by the students ability

Open Water

Twelve or more supervised dives and a total of 24 logged dives are required for full completion of this course