The cavern diving course is taught in a minimum of two days and includes classroom lectures, field exercises, open water line drills and a minimum of four cavern dives. This course emphasizes planning, procedures, deployment of reels and lines,, environment, propulsion techniques, buoyancy skills, problem solving, equipment modification and the focuses on the specialized needs of the cavern diver. The purpose of this course is to teach the safe exploration of the cavern environment within specified limits. The course develops and establishes minimum skills, knowledge, dive planning abilities, problem solving procedures and the basic abilities to safely cavern dive. The Cavern Course is highly recommended for any diver who wants to enhance their comfort level and their diving skills.


$350.00 plus tax (instruction, manual, c-card)


Advanced Open Water Certification or 15 logged non-training open water dives with open water certification. Minimum age 16, with signed and notarized parental consent. Provisional status certification for younger divers with approval of training director only.

Required Materials

Intro to Cave Manual

Required Equipment

Seven Foot Low Pressure Hose, Two Reels, Primary Light (cannot use pistol grip), Backup Light (cannot use pistol grip), Z-Knife

Please contact before purchase or configuration of cave equipment.


Four Hour Lecture, Additional Pool Work

Open Water

Four/Five overhead environment dives with Instructor supervision

Customer Benefits

Learning Proper Gear Configuration, Added Comfort Level, Efficiency in Buoyancy Control and Task Loading