Gas Blender

Gas Blender

ANDI/TDI Gas Blender

The procedures for handling oxygen and the blending of breathing gases are among the topics covered in this intensive and informative program. This program was developed by engineers who have specialized in the design of gas distribution systems and the handling of high pressure oxygen. As the demand by the diving community for gasses other than air continue to increase, the progressive dispensing facility must elevate their level of training and education.
ANDI Certified Gas Blenders are a fundamental part of the ANDI facility and are certified to operate and maintain breathing gas production equipment for mixed gas breathing applications. The handling and production of oxygen and SafeAir are covered.


Gas Blender Text book

Additional Equipment Needs:



$275.00 plus tax (includes lecture and materials)


1 day instruction

Customer benefits:

Ability to dispense pure oxygen for mixing SafeAir. Extra income as a Gas Blender at any facility that sales SafeAir or Nitox.