Open Water

Open Water

Open-Water Diver Certification Program

Courses are offered through NASE, NAUI, SDI, PADI, and/or IANTD

Dive Tech and Sports can help you become a well trained and confident diver. Our instructors will teach you the skills you need to dive safely and comfortably.

With a course from Dive Tech and Sports, you will receive the following:

Explorer System, Exposure System, and Course Manuals

UNLIMITED Pool Practice before certification for your safety and comfort.

Use of Air Delivery System, Air Management And Information System are provided for pool and practice sessions, we do recommend that you purchase your Total Diving System so that you can be taught how to use the system along with the confidence that you will gain by learning how to dive in your own equipment.

The Dive Tech Difference

Dive Tech and Sports Instructors teach the academics of diving by using our own Total Teaching System, which includes manuals, study guides, videos, teaching outlines and other support material. The system utilizes repetition of information to address the different ways people learn. In your classes you will learn by seeing, reading, hearing, repeating, and doing. Our system is the natural way to learn, and has proven to be a highly effective teaching methodology. The personalized instruction we provide results in a higher level of confidence in overall diving ability, which allows you to focus on why you wanted to learn to dive - to have a great time diving!

We know you will find our system clear, concise, and enjoyable. You’ll look forward to each successive chapter and video as you take your first step toward becoming a trained, certified diver.

Our proven philosophy for teaching water skills is Comfort Through Repetition, a sensible teaching method involving continuous practice of "real world" diving skills. By practicing skills repeatedly until they develop, students become comfortable under water and really enjoy diving.

Dive Tech and Sports offers our own private, heated pool to practice your SCUBA skills in. Whether you are a first time diver or a 30 year veteran, you are always welcome to come brush up on your diving skills at any of our classes.

Dive Tech and Sports also utilizes state of the art training classrooms. Each classroom provides the ideal environment for learning with everything from white boards to video projection systems. Our comfortable chairs and climate controlled rooms allow you to relax and enjoy your learning experience.

We know you have many more questions for us. Our web site is designed to answer most of the common ones. You can, however, always contact us via email at, call 304-744-2453, or stop by our shop.

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