Scuba Rangers

Scuba Rangers

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AboutScuba Diving

Scuba diving is an extremely adventurous and exciting sport. Until recently, only older kids and adults could do it. Well Not anymore!

Now there's Scuba Rangers, a way cool kid's club for kids ages 8 to 12.

With Scuba Rangers, kids can enjoy the thrill of scuba diving in a pool/confined water, develop important life skills, and have lots of fund doing it. Please note that Scuba Rangers are NOT certified divers, and can only dive in a pool or confined water at a depth no greater than 12 feet under the supervision of a Ranger Instructor, not in open water.

What's So Cool about Scuba Rangers?

  • Kids are part of a special, elite group - scuba divers!
  • Kids accomplish things that will amaze themselves and you!
  • Kids develop good sense around the water, and increase awareness of water safety!
  • Kids build confidence, self-esteem and pride!
  • Unlike many other sports, scuba diving can be enjoyed for a lifetime!
  • You can do it with them - and they will think it is cool!

How to Become a Scuba Ranger

Scuba Rangers must work their way through five Ranger Levels, where Ranger learn snorkeling skills, scuba skills, and water safety techniques. Rangers are rewarded for each level they complete.

  • Level 1: Red Ranger - Water safety techniques, swimming and snorkeling skills.
  • Level 2: White Ranger - Snorkel review and first time on scuba.
  • Level 3: Blue Ranger - More scuba skills and underwater photography.
  • Level 4: Silver Ranger - More scuba, fun and games.
  • Level 5: Demo Ranger - Demo Ranger is the highlight, because you proudly demonstrate your skills to parents, family and friends.

Scuba Rangers Club

Scuba Rangers Club is a Long-Term, Ongoing Club. After completing the five Ranger Levels, children join the Scuba Rangers Club; that's where the fun really begins. Kids attend club events, scuba dive in the pool and try Ranger Specialties.

There's lots of Ranger Specialties, such as Night Ranger, Computer Ranger, Navigation Ranger, Photography Ranger and many, many more. Specialties keep kids involved, keep the club exciting, and allow kids to practice new scuba skills.

Some Ranger Specialties do not involve diving. Civics Ranger, for instance, rewards kids for community involvement and doing nice things for others.

The ultimate honor is Master Ranger, which is 15 Ranger Specialties, plus participation in five Ranger Club events.

Educational Materials:

Your child will receive a Scuba Rangers Kit, which includes:

  • Student Manual
  • Student Video
  • Ranger Log
  • Ranger T-Shirt
  • Snorkel
  • Completion Card & Diploma

Kids earn Scuba Rangers Recognition stickers for their Ranger Log and Certificates.

Snorkeling and Scuba Equipment

For maximum comfort, enjoyment, and performance, we recommend that all Scuba Rangers own at least a personally fitted mask and fins that are designed for their size and age.

There's a direct correlation between fit, comfort and fun. A personally fitted kids snorkeling system will make your Ranger dive like a fish. Your Ranger will stay nice and toasty in the pool, and have a lot more fun, if he or she is in a Ranger-sized exposure suit.

How to Get Started

It's easy! Just call (304)744-2453 or e-mail us at, and arrange for a personal orientation. An orientation allows you to meet our staff, see our facility, and check out our Scuba Rangers Club. You'll also get a chance to have all you questions answered before signing you child up for Scuba Rangers.

Our Policies

So all parents completely understand our expectations, we provide a list of all our policies:

  • Before Ranger Instructors and Sponsors can work with children, Ranger Instructors complete a special training course and must pass a national criminal background check. Scuba Rangers Club Sponsors are carefully selected facilities that meet standards set by Scuba Rangers Headquarters.
  • Equipment Policies: Scuba equipment is provided for the initial Ranger program, through Demo Ranger. Club members can use scuba equipment during club dives, but must provide their own snorkeling system.
  • Personal Item Policies: Children must provide their own towel and swim suit. While we do our best to keep track of kids stuff, we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Dressing Policies: Children must arrive dressed for swimming.
  • Payment Policies: Payment for Club dues, tuition, education materials, and equipment are due upon receipt. We accept cash, personal checks, and credit cards. We also have financing available.

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