Technical SafeAir

Technical SafeAir

ANDI-Technical SafeAir

This is the first ANDI program to cover the specific information and skills necessary to perform stage-stop required, technical decompression diving while minimizing the associated risk factors. Also covered: how to use various SafeAir mixtures to increase decompression efficiency and safety, gas volume management, oxygen dosage tracking and contingency planning/procedures. This course serves as the building block for other ANDI Technical and Exploration programs. The operational depth limit for this program is extended to 165 fsw / 50 msw. This is an equipment and skill-intensive course requiring extensive counseling by the ANDI Technical Instructor. This program includes 8-10 hours of lecture and 4-5 open water training dives.

ANDI does not acknowledge deep air diving as a certification nor does Dive Tech and Sports.


CSU certification or equivalent. Other pre-requisites may apply.


Technical SafeAir Text Book

Additional Equipment Needs:



$395.00 plus tax (includes materials)


Three day class session

Open Water:

Four open water dives with Instructor supervision
Customer Benefits:

Further knowledge of diving, developing the skills needed for task loading with multiple stage bottles, use of decompression procedures with tables and dive computer